The dream...

The day I was told I was a fully trained and qualified makeup artist was the day I knew the word ‘work’ would never be the same again! I absolutely fell in love with everything about being a hair and makeup artist and soon found myself on the most luxurious wedding mornings and creating red carpet looks at global film premieres for Paramount Pictures.

Why I'm in love...

I’ll never forget the first wedding I ever worked on. I remember the buzz, the love and even the exact dress, styles, colours and flowers. The moment it all came together and everyone was ready to walk down the aisle, I felt an amazing fulfilling energy. I just loved the amount of confidence everyone radiated. The welling up of eyes and overwhelming undeniable love in the room. It was the best thing to witness and I have experienced this again and again since that very first day.

When I put my brushes down…

There are so many things I enjoy other than being able to get creative with makeup looks and hair pins! The largest chunk of my spare time is spent with my horse. After years of competing in showjumping and traveling all over the country, my horse and I now have a much quieter life enjoying rides round the farm and often heading out to Richmond Park to enjoy the fresh air and peace of nature.

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn…

I have always had a unique way of describing things. After teaching horse riding from the age of 18 right through to my late 20’s, I developed a love for being able to pass knowledge on in a way to make others feel more powerful. Teaching makeup actually has little to do with teaching makeup as an overall result. It teaches confidence, self esteem and also how to save time, money and stress!

The Makeup Club was founded in 2019 and blew up fast. There are over 2,000 active members that learn through the free online group and often come into the studio in Surrey to learn in a group or 1-1 setting. Alongside bridal hair & makeup, The Makeup Club is truly where my heart belongs. A beautiful community and down to earth conversations between makeup lovers!





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